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Giuliano La Barbera 

Other members

Giuseppe Santomauro, Riccardo Curcio, Michele Fiorelli, Stefano Berton

Business Idea

Coloombus is a platform that, gathering the strengths of the shipper and the freight exchange, going trough the most advanced technology to easily connect SMEs that ship goods (shippers) and the carriers that transport them (carriers). The technology is based on the construction of a Digital Freight Network which, by exploiting machine learning and recommender system, removes the typical criticality of logistics market:  fragmentation of a demand and an offer that do not meet optimally. Artificial Intelligence (AI), through the analysis of a critical mass of information, identifies a predictive standard of the elements that contribute to defining the market price of FTL (Full Truck Load) transport and, within a pattern - subversive compared to the traditional one - completely free of negotiation, it deletes the uncertainty caused by the volatility of prices, producing lower costs for those who ship and higher earnings for those who transport: the shipper is sure to achieve the most efficient matching - which reduces the maximum structure of costs and shipping times - because the carrier is sure to translate the efficiency of the routes into a perfect symmetry between outward and return journeys - which minimizes the empty KM traveled and the economic resources used -. The use of the platform allows you to manage both internal processes and those on the shippers and carriers side from a user-friendly digital space, in order to facilitate the scalability of the operating model and make it independent of the number of stakeholders involved. To build up a Digital Transport Network is the proposal that Coloombus launches to Europe and represents the heart of an entirely software oriented project which, driven by the ambition to make the entire logistics chain more eco-friendly, limits the negativity of the environmental impact produced from the surplus of CO2 emissions, beating in unison with the heart of the Earth.

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