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Euklis - FaRe Hybrid

Euklis - FaRe Hybrid


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Euklis srl is an Italian start-up specialized in face recognition and artificial intelligence for the protection of critical infrastructures. The key technology is FaRe Hybrid, Physical Multi Factor Authentication Platform that certifies the Identity of people, vehicles and objects. The platform is able to certify the presence of one or more identities within a space-time perimeter, offering multiple applications that through recognition algorithms, in particular pattern matching and artificial intelligence, realizes different functions that apply to the Enterprise sector but also to the Urban Security sector. The main applications that FaRe Hybrid makes available are Access Control with multiple recognition (simultaneous recognition based on one or more credentials such as face, license plate number, RFID code, QR Code, passport/identity card number etc.. ), Visitor Management with pre-registration via Mobile App - FaRe Guest, Safety, Electronic Document Control, Parking, Video Surveillance and all those applications useful to police forces such as Forensics, also via the mobile app FaRe Security for investigations of reported people and vehicles and real-time alarms directly on smartphone and support to urban monitoring by license plate recognition and vehicle attributes, statistics of polluting vehicles and much more. FaRe Hybrid introduces the concept of "composite point of recognition", enabling a double identification of the subject (e.g. face recognition + license plate recognition) to maximize the performance and reliability of the system. The platform allows to manage and configure in a simple and intuitive way identities and lists, points of recognition, events, actions and integration with third-party systems. FaRe Hybrid is GDPR compliant by design.

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