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Business Idea

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men worldwide, with 1.4 million new diagnoses every year. Compared to other malignancies, prostate cancer is an easily treatable disease when diagnosed early. For this reason it is of fundamental importance for men to carry out periodic check-ups and examinations, especially from 50 years of age.Currently the pillar of the diagnostic path of prostate cancer is represented by a blood test in which a parameter called PSA is measured, but the high number of false positive results has raised great doubts about its use as a screening test: about 70% of men who undergo a prostate biopsy because a positive PSA test, do not have a tumor, causing a huge waste of resources and a strong negative impact on the quality of life of the citizen.NIB biotec offers a rapid urinalysis test that can identify an individual with prostate cancer more precisely than the current standard of care. The test is based on the measurement of 2 molecules differently expressed in the urine of healthy men and men with prostate cancer, the subject of a proprietary patent application already granted in Italy and pending in Europe, USA, China, Japan, Canada.The product has better diagnostic performance than the standard (-50% false positives) and allows for the decentralization of first-line cancer screening.The test is aimed at hospitals, public and private facilities, clinics, private doctors' offices and points to the market for preliminary tests for prostate cancer (currently only the PSA test) which generates every year a value of 3 billion dollars with a growth rate of 13% by 2025.

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