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Green Independence

Green Independence


Alessandro Monticelli

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Marta Pisani, Simelys Hernandez

Business Idea

Green Independence is an innovative startup that aims to democratize access to renewable energy to stop and reverse global warming, enabling energy auto-production using only sun and water in a totally sustainable way.The two main problems in the energy sector are solar intermittency and CO2 emissions.GI solves both issues with the New Artificial Leaf (NAL), a technology that integrates a solar absorption system (photovoltaic panel) with an electrochemical system, in a single solution capable of producing green hydrogen while recycling CO2 emissions by transforming it into products of secondary use.The NAL, powered only by the sun, receives water (even non-pure, waste, sea or river water) and transforms it into green hydrogen (the only type of non-polluting hydrogen). The hydrogen produced stores solar energy in a way that is 200 times more compact than lithium batteries, thus eliminating the problem of solar intermittency. Furthermore, the use of hydrogen to produce energy has, as a secondary benefit, the production of clean water. In parallel, NAL is able to recycle CO2 emissions or other waste-products (such as glycerol) into valuable products, reducing the environmental impact of polluting processes.The electrochemical cell, integrated inside the panel, is able to perform the reactions in a decentralized way and without having to go through intermediate storage buffers (e.g. batteries) or intensive systems (e.g. electrolysers), thus eliminating the innumerable inefficiencies and costs related to energy transportation.The solution, thanks to its decentralized and stand-alone nature, also allows flexible installations (it does not require power grid connection) and can find applications not only in the energy industry but also in the residential, aerospace and transport sectors.

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