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Storie degli Altri

Storie degli Altri


Carmelo Abbate

Other members

Giuliana Gravina, Maria Zamparino, Patrizia Pasini

Business Idea

Carmelo Abbate, a professionaljournalist and tv sociopolitical commentator, has created "Storie degli altri". A content-driven digital publishing platform, accessible through various
channels (a website, social media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok), it aims to stimulate constructive reflection on important social, ethical and political themes, through the telling of the stories of "everyday people" and principled businesses. These stories aim to raise awareness in the public at large, and to encourage individual action and projects leading to a better world.

The digital "Storie degli altri" community currently has around 700k followers, distributed throughout its different channels, with an average age of 25 - 45 (85% Women, 15% Men).

At present the major publishing groups have no digital platforms focusing on social and sustainable content, aimed at valuing people and business' CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts.

The "Storie degli altri" platform is divided up into sections, with some being free to access such as "Le Storie", "Le Serie", "I video" and "I podcast", all of which are dedicated to the presentation and transmission of specific content. For others payment is required, such as "I libri degli altri", a ghostwriting service for those who wish to write and publish their own book, and an e-learning section which promotes podcast and video content only available to subscribers. The platform has a corporate area, specifically reserved for businesses, "Imprese per gli altri", where companies can illustrate their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) action plan to the "Storie degli altri" community in a clear and simple way.

The "Storie degli altri" project has been live since December 2020, when the website was launched, and already has a community of around 700k followers. "Wolford", the international luxury skinwear brand, has recently agreed on a communications plan with the startup to implement brand awareness through the support of a "women empowerment" project. The company's mid- and long-term objectives envisage the development and implementation of paid-for services, maintaining the informative publishing context, in order to create more business opportunities with membership on a monthly basis.

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