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Anemotech srl


Bruno Combi

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Gianmarco Cammi, Alessia Raina, Rossella Sborzacchi

Business Idea

theBreath® is the innovative fabric produced by Anemotech, an Italian start-up founded in 2004. The company's mission is to develop technologies and solutions available to everyone, aimed at improving people's quality of life. Anemotech's patented technology aims to reduce domestic and atmospheric pollutants through the fabric that absorbs and disaggregates harmful particles present in the air. Designed for every indoor (houses, offices, schools, shopping centres, airports, hospitals) and outdoor spaces (buildings, worksites, advertising billboards, urban furniture), theBreath® purification process is totally passive and it uses the natural flow of the air without additional energy sources. The fabric is made up of three layers: front and back layers are biocidal and bacteriostatic and facilitate the passage of air, the core layer is a carbon mesh that absorbs, traps and disaggregates polluting molecules and bad smells. Furthermore it is able to eliminate and prevent the action of any harmful organism, killing up to 98,7% of the viral load. The product is very versatile, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor solutions, it is also customizable and easy to use as it can be easily installed and does not require maintenance. The use in towns where there is the canyon effect is very useful, as the lack of vegetation and the materials used raise the temperature and many pollutants are concentrated in the air currents entrapped along high buildings. The air, passing through the fabric, is purified of pollutants and becomes more breathable.  The technology is protected by Italian and US patents. An application for extension has been submitted in Europe and Asia. Anemotech is constantly growing, thanks to the success of theBreath®, which is increasingly in demand both in Italy and abroad.

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