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Sustainable Mobility




Tommaso Gecchelin 

Other members

Antonio Guadagnino, Nicola Ristè, Domenico Giudici, Simone Gnoato

Business Idea

Getplus S.R.L. has created NEXT, a modular electric vehicle that can act as a wildcard of mobility as a service (MaaS) between taxis and buses, also passing through uses such as car-sharing or vehicle for last mile delivery and hubs for the interchange of goods and passengers on the move.The road transport sector, and in particular urban mobility, presents various criticalities: traffic, pollution and inefficiency in the management of available resources.NEXT solution is developed on three scenarios: Passenger transport, Freight transport and «Mall on the go». The Next modular vehicles are electric, and equipped with an interchangeable battery making the transition to electric much cheaper and faster. The NEXT solutions provide for the option of autonomous driving in anticipation of when the regulations provide for it and in the meantime they can all be equipped with a driving position with driver. NEXT modules are capable of joining together, even on the go, allowing passengers to walk between joined vehicles to group or redistribute according to destination. The NEXT passenger transport service is therefore as widespread as a taxi but as efficient as a full bus, reducing costs and energy consumed by up to 75% compared to a normal city bus. In addition, Next can accommodate up to 10 passengers in just 2.5 meters of road, reducing traffic intensity by 80%. For freight logistics, NEXT has developed a service that can collect, organize and deliver on the go, making the last mile delivery sector more autonomous and efficient. Finally, «Mall on the go» is a service platform on the move: catering, hospitality, shopping and entertainment. It is a shopping mall on wheels, which reaches the customer directly at home to offer a new premium and personalized retail experience.Next is at a TRL8 stage of development. The functions of the pre-series vehicles have been fully demonstrated, and the first vehicles have already obtained the test plate in Italy, with final homologation pending.

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