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Alba Robot

Alba Robot


Andrea Bertaia

Other members

Mario Brossa, Antonio Mancuso, Serena De Mori 

Business Idea

ALBA Robot is an innovative startup which is developing hardware and software technology to integrate autonomous driving for wheelchair and mobility scooter to improve transport conditions for people with reduced mobility. ALBA Robot offers an integrated transport solution alternative to the current services availble on the market. The hardware component includes a technology based on IoT sensors, enhanced with artificial intelligence, which enables autonomous driving of the wheelchair in indoor spaces also through the voice control of the vehicle. The software component consists of a proprietary platform that allows personal vehicles to be tracked and controlled remotely, enabling simultaneous management of the entire fleet. The modular technology behind the platform allows connectivity with other devices and vehicles, offering FM companies a fully integrated and constantly evolving system, allowing to reduce travel costs by 30% - 50%.ALBA Robot is a company part of Amazon and Techstars portfolio having several strategic partnerships with Teoresi Group, a company specialized in the engineering field that provides technology development and systems integration services for development and industrialization at an international level; with STMicroelectronics for the development of electronic components; with Dussmann for the go-to-market.The actual roadmap plans to validate the technology within hospitals and airports by 2021, and afterwards to start the commercialization of the service in Italy first. It is planned to consolidate ALBA's position in the Italian market by 2022 and subsequently enter international markets (EU and US).

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