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Business Idea

Italianway was founded in Milan as a property management company and in 2019 launched a vacation rental franchising and partnership project in the main Italian tourist destinations.

Italianway has developed an entrepreneurial project to serve communities, enabling the growth of businesses that manage homes professionally, optimising processes with the aim of offering an
ever-increasing number of guests a unique experience.

The project is based on a structured operating model and integrated software, developed in-house, that automates the entire vacation rental process.

One of the main critical issues concerning the short term rental sector is the need to simplify the management, operational and regulatory complexities that arise from online advertising and daily
property management. Italianway's ambition is to become a point of reference for thousands of individual hosts who manage a property out of necessity or for professional operators who have reached their size limit and do not have the necessary tools and skills to compete on the online market.

Italianway takes care of all phases of the property management process, offering specific services to both property owners and guests.

For owners it offers complete management from tax management to reporting while guests can book the most suitable accommodation for their needs on

Italianway's aim is to attract travellers to even remote locations, being able to promote destinations thanks to its links with the territories and its knowledge of the product.

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