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North West


Renewable Energies




Mauro Migliazzi

Other members

GianRoberto Oberti, GianLuca Pelliccioli, Sandro Bosso, Roberto Barletta

Business Idea

Wesii is an innovative startup specialized in the thermographic and geometric analysis of photovoltaic (PV) sites, to monitor their health and reduce maintenance costs. Using airplanes and drones they are able to capture the data necessary for the preventive scheduling of maintenance interventions. PV systems require frequent and regular maintenance, which is generally planned by the managers and is not possible to guarantee effective prevention of malfunctions in the system, often causing the need to carry out invasive interventions up to the complete replacement of the panels. Wesii, with its integrated Elios solution, offers a compartment of data and information that is easy to interpret and act with precision, in advance. The startup, with a fleet of drones and airplanes equipped with RGB and infrared cameras, is able to digitize the system and map fundamental measurements of each individual panel (operating temperature, geometry, any visual and thermal anomalies). The data collected through the sensors are processed by a proprietary AI software that interprets the observed values, detecting and classifying problems and anomalies. After that, the information and methods of intervention suggested by the algorithm can be used by users in an intuitive and effective way using their digital platform, EliosPortal and their mobile app, EliosField App. This approach makes it possible to reduce intervention times by 80%, management and maintenance costs by 75% and to increase plant efficiency by 5%. The development of Wesii's product and market is supported by some strategic partnerships: with Digsky it was possible to take advantage of the technology of surveying by plane; a commercial collaboration was stipulated with CAT for the mobile app solution and initiatives related to research and development have been carried out with O'Sole, a Politecnico di Milano spin-off company.

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