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Danila De Stefano

Other members

Gregorio Maria Diodovich, Corena Pezzella e Valeria Fiorenza Perris

Business Idea

Unobravo is an innovative and award-winning online psychology startup created to break down the stigma associated with mental health issues and shape a world in which consulting a psychologist is considered normal. The startup offers psychological support at any time and anywhere globally, at affordable prices, using a diverse team of professionals, psychologists, and psychotherapists, each specialized in a specific area of psychological intervention. All therapists are regularly enrolled in the register and are carefully selected and trained by the portal staff. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, relationship problems, parent-child conflicts, burnout, and career choices are just some of the issues the Unobravo team helps their patients with daily.The sessions are conducted via video call (via PC, tablet, or smartphone) with the utmost respect for privacy.
The service's flagship is an innovative matching algorithm capable of associating each user with the specialized therapist best suited to their needs. All the user has to do is sign up on the platform and fill out a questionnaire in which he will be asked to report his needs.
In less than two years, Unobravo has delivered over 100,000 online psychotherapy sessions, counting 8,000 patients currently active and over 700 psychologists registered on the platform.
The next goals for Unobravo are: the creation of synergies and partnerships with the business world and the offer of its services to companies, such as individual or group sessions, thematic focuses, and training courses for employees; the expansion of the health offer thanks to the structuring of teams of specialists in the areas of psychiatry, nutrition, and personal training; the growth of the service beyond the Italian borders: Unobravo is already active in Spain.

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