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Giulio Coluccia

Other members

Diego Valsesia, Diego Comina, Irene Cavallo

Business Idea

ToothPic is a cybersecurity startup, spinoff of Politecnico of Torino,founded by 4 Researchers and Professors of the same University. ToothPicinvented, designed, developed and patented a unique multi-factorauthentication technology turning every smartphone into a secureauthentication key using the invisible and unclonable manufacturingimperfections of the photographic sensor to access online services . Thetechnology is currently protected by 4 international patents.ToothPic protects the cryptographic keys, commonly used inauthentication, digital signature, cryptography and blockchain protocolsstored on smartphones, keeping personal data and the privacy of onlineusers safe.ToothPic's mission is offering to all customers and employees ofOrganizations such as Banks, Insurances, Corporate, Public Administrationa higher level of security for their digital service.Also offers easy integration with third party applications as it has beendeveloped on SDK for Android and IOS, smooth usability allowing users toauthenticate themselves anywhere and at any time just with a simple tapon their smartphone.As ToothPic is a horizontal solution, its technological performances areavailable for the banking sector as an anti-phishing, anti-fraud solutionand secure payment solution. Regarding the Corporate side, use casesexpand from secure online employee authentication, digital signature tothe exchange of encrypted documents.The features offered by ToothPic can also be applied in the Insurance fieldas a photo authenticator. In fact, in case of a car crash, the smartphone ofthe interested parties can be used as a photographic signature byauthenticating and certifying the proof hence avoiding the risk ofmanipulation.

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