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Air pollution can be chemical (smog and other emissions), physical and biological (bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold). Airlite combats this with its patented range of multifunctional paints that work through photocatalysis: air (and therefore humidity) and light trigger an oxidation process that breaks down the organic substances and inorganic pollutants into harmless mineral salts. And thanks to air circulation, the effect extends to the surrounding environment, bringing a significant improvement in air quality. Airlite contains active nanoparticles in titanium dioxide, which acts as a catalyst for metals and metal oxides; reactions using titanium dioxide catalysts can be powered by light (photocatalysis) and enable the selective degradation of various bacterial chemicals.
Airlite has the same effect as a forest: painting a 100 m2 surface with Airlite reduces air pollution to the same extent as 100 m2 of mature trees, and it can be used practically anywhere: at home, in the office, in hospitals, in shops. There is already an interior version - for homes or public spaces - that looks great on walls, as well as an exterior version - for civil or commercial buildings, infrastructure and tunnels - that is resilient and attractive. If only 15% of urban surfaces in a city were painted in Airlite, pollution would be reduced by up to 50%.

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