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Genius Choice aims to revolutionize shopping for people who follow restricted diets by providing automated tools for both consumers and businesses. Consumers can download the free app for their specific dietary restriction, scan the bar code of the product they want to buy and display the product's compatibility with their diet, as well as a list of alternative products. The strength of the Genius apps is that they give you a nutritionist in your pocket so that, based on the work of expert dieticians, you can shop with greater knowledge and then make an informed choice about what foods are best suited to intolerances, allergies, lifestyle choices or simply tastes. The service is based on a constantly updated database of products distributed nationwide. There are two apps available for consumers: for more than two years, GeniusFood has helped consumers with intolerances or allergies, such as lactose or gluten intolerances and milk protein and peanut allergies. The second app is GeniusVeg, which quickly and securely checks whether a product contains ingredients of animal origin, making it possible to see if a product is vegan or vegetarian or, more simply, to understand what is written on the label. GeniusChoice also provides automated services for the food world, enabling professionals to analyze and compare food products, especially as regards various dietary restrictions, for operational, marketing and strategic reasons.

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