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IV Tech offers products that allow users to combine the most important signals in the physiological environment to create more accurate in-vitro models. The products are reusable and made to facilitate real-time monitoring with an optical microscope. They are aimed at universities, the R&D centres of pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, and firms that want to test their new nutraceutical products. The current range of products (for which the startup offers classroom training, workshops and e-learning) features a silicon bioreactor (single flow) for the cultivation of 2D or 3D cells and a modular and transparent (double flow) bioreactor in which cells can be injected through a membrane that replicates human physiological barriers (e.g. the skin, intestine or lung). Product innovation includes among other things: ease-of-use; the wet volume of each chamber mimics that of a "24-multiwell plate" allowing the biologist to use established protocols with traditional cell culture equipment without the need for rescaling; the products are modular and system connectivity allows the creation of multiple in-vitro organ models to help study the "cross-talk" between different tissues or organs; the products are reusable up to five times if autoclaved and are versatile, allowing the user to study different cell tissues or organs; they are also designed to adapt to all readers to facilitate the transition from traditional to new cell culture devices and, finally, enable real-time monitoring of cellular cultures both with optical and confocal microscopes.

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