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Ribes Technologies

Ribes Technologies


Antonio Iacchetti

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Mario Caironi, Michele Garbugli

Business Idea

Ribes Technologies photovoltaic modules are printed in industrial volumes on cheap sheets of plastic, of any shape or color, that are flexible and extremely light (a few hundred grams per square meter). As such they represent the best option for harnessing energy indoors. Initially the photovoltaic films will be used as power generators for electronic tags ("iBeacons") on shelves used in shops (e.g. for prices); one of the leading Italian chains of retail stores has already shown interest in the prototypes. The underlying principle is to make use of the light that permeates an entire space, which carries energy that can be used to power small devices. The design takes the inherent mechanism into account, with light energy absorbed by the molecules in the plastic sheets; the molecules then convert light energy into electricity, which is conducted to the heads of the sheet as electrical current. Initially, powered devices could include sensors for home automation such as alarm detectors, small displays and remote controls, and devices integrated with the Internet of Things. The basic principle is that every kilowatt saved is equivalent to a kilowatt produced, but with infinitely less environmental impact. Future business development options could include integrating the photovoltaic sheets into fashion and making fabrics for clothing, paving the way to smart clothing and wearable electronics. And in the longer term, the films could create a new type of functional and light covering, e.g. for camping tents and emergency shelters, and even mega structures such as stadiums, forums and similar buildings.

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