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RTF-27 C Sia Aerospace

RTF-27 C Sia Aerospace


Joyce Adriano Losi

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Business Idea

Sia Aerospace is developing the first product line in the world (RTF-27C) that can dissipate much of the energy that is released when a helicopter makes a crash landing in difficult conditions. Each product consists of a set of two or four components (depending on the model of helicopter) installed directly in the landing gear, which reduce the damage to the fuselage and minimize injuries suffered by the crew in critical landing situations. During a hard landing or crash, the components absorb kinetic energy through their internal parts before activating other safety systems (which come as standard or optional). Having carried out tests with the Department of Aerospace Technology at Milan Politecnico and the United Kingdom research center to check the product's functioning and energy absorption, the startup has now had its industrial process approved. It is currently planing final tests to be supervised by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and key partners. In addition to the opportunities in the aviation industry, it will also be possible to develop other applications for different industries in which vehicle safety is important (space transportation, cars, trains and aerospace).

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