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Business Idea

What a Space is an online marketplace for temporary spaces. Through the platform, "Space Owners" can create their own ad and publish it in a few clicks, while Space Users can find and rent the space that best suits their needs. The platform acts as a middleman, providing assurances to both parties on payments, the condition of the locations and other aspects that enable a relationship of mutual trust. It follows a similar model to Airbnb, but applied to a different market. The startup also offers the "Space User" a number of additional services, meeting customers' needs with a complete package of services for temporary space requirements. The idea is to use the physical location as an entry point, and then later to upsell customers everything they need to organize parties, pop-up shops, meetings, etc. Additional services are offered in two different ways: by Space Owners and by What a Space partners. What a Space partners can offer services complementary to the space, including standard services in the party/event and retail sectors, e.g. catering, DJs, event production, photography, PA systems, displays and interior design. In both cases, the Space User can select all the services they want and all the associated options, dealing directly with the relevant partner where necessary.

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