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Vegea, an innovative startup founded in 2016, produces plant-based materials for use in the fashion, furniture, packaging, automotive and transport sectors. Through extensive research with experts from the University of Florence on the use of certain vegetable fibers as alternatives to animal-based and synthetic materials, the company developed Vegea. This patented material is manufactured by specially treating grape skins, stems and seeds that are byproducts from winemaking. The use of these byproducts, abundant in Italy and elsewhere around the world, builds sustainably on Italy's established reputation for quality and style in fashion, design, wine and crafts. Vegea's production process transforms organic derivatives into high-value materials, without using of toxic pollutants or generating any wastewater. Its circular production model represents a response to traditional, linear economic systems, which are becoming less efficient and more costly as they seek to exploit non-renewable resources to meet growing demand.

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