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Riccardo Della Ragione

Other members

Alice Michelangeli, Valentina Menozzi, Daniele Ferrari

Business Idea

Prometheus is start-up that creates and sells 3D living human tissues for regenarative medicine and pharmaceutical tests for new drugs, through a technology (a 3D Bioprinter) developed by Prometheus team. This technology allows to realize tissues almost equal to human ones.The innovative production process allows to print in a complete controlled way cells that remain alive throughout the process. Controlled printing ensures high reproducibility, and therefore extreme reliability and predictability of the tissues when used to test new drugs.

Prometheus technology has been validated at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Parma and its potential has been recognized by the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan.Prometheus aim is to develop transplantable human tissues.

In January 2019 Prometheus will commercialize his first product: Ematik, a system (consisting of a machine and a single-use consumable kit) that allows to obtain a patch for the treatment of chronic wounds (like bed sores). This medicament acts as a second skin and it's obtained from the combination of the patient's own blood with a special biopolymeric mixture. The personalized patch guarantees the complete regeneration of the injured skin, avoiding scars formation and drastically reducing the healing times. Its intrinsic antibacterial property ensures a substantial reduction in antibiotics use.The second skin can be used to treat humans and animals. Because of the long time (5y) to receive the human approval, we decided to focusing for the moment, on veterinary market that doesn't need any specific certification.

The patch has already been successfully tested on more than 20 clinical cases, with a fast and quality recovery. The target customers are medium-large vet clinics and hospitals.

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