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Glass to Power

Glass to Power


Emilio Sassone Corsi

Other members

Francesco Meinardi, Sergio Brovelli, Alessandra Fiorini, Francesco Bruni, Graziella Gariano, Marina Gandini, Chiara Capitani

Business Idea

Glass to Power aims at realizing a transparent photovoltaic window based on the technology of luminescent solar concentrators (LSC): semitransparent slabs of plastic materials doped with chromophores which, following the absorption of sunlight, re-emit photons at a longer wavelength. These photons are driven by total reflection to the edges of the device where they are converted into electricity by conventional photovoltaic cells. This innovative technology uses as chromophores engineered nanoparticles, which maximize the energy conversion efficiency.

Among the emerging technologies in the LSC sector, that of Glass to Power allows to obtain an innovative product with a low aesthetic impact on the architecture of buildings, a high level of transparency and absence of color distortion, a level of electricity generation efficiency of 5%, contained production costs, a high level of stability and safety thanks to the absence of toxic or polluting materials. Thanks to their high integrability and energy efficiency, Glass to Power's products will make it possible to build nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) with negligible additional costs, exploiting vertical surfaces to generate energy necessary for internal consumption (lighting, air conditioning, elevators), in particularly in areas of high urbanization where roof surfaces are not available.

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