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Alessandro Rotilio

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Ilaria Marre, Francesco Prada

Business Idea

More than 650.000 are the new brain cancer cases annually registered in Europe and in USA. Magnetic resonance and radiotherapy are the only currently available hence in use non-invasive techniques respectively for diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases. Unfortunately, they are both expensive, time-consuming and also dangerous for the patients because the first one needs the use of a toxic contrast agent (Gd), that stocks in the tissues, while the second one harms the surrounding healthy tissues. It is exactly in this context that Intra took place with its neurosurgical patented prosthesis. Intra is the first neurosurgical prosthesis in the world transparent to the ultrasounds. Implanting an Intra prosthesis, after a craniotomy, grants considerable advantages both from a diagnostic and a therapeutic point of view. Indeed Intra, unlike all others currently available prosthesis and also from the bony operculum often non-reusable, allows to:

1. use ultrasonography in diagnosis and in surgical follow-up with considerably reduced costs and time, but above all without using toxic contrast agents.

2. use, for oncological treatment, the high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), an innovative technique, which is giving excellent results in the treatment of tumors in organs for which the ultrasounds are used such as liver. This technique is not dangerous for surrounding tissues because it is based on high intensity focused ultrasound beams burning only the diseased tissue.

3. temporarily open the blood brain barrier by using HIFU, in order to enable the use of pharmacological treatments otherwise ineffective on the brain.Moreover, Intra is the first prosthesis in the world to be produced intra-operatively, in real-time, and personalized on the basis of the performed craniotomy thanks to a digital process and a 5-axis milling machine.

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