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Monica Piergiovanni

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Giustina Casagrande, Elena Bianchi

Business Idea

μEryLō has developed a class III device that will allow to combine a personalized pharmacological therapy prescribed by the doctor with an autologous biological carrier, the red blood cell, without perturbingclinical practices currently in use. 

The loading mechanism, based on biomechanical effects, guarantees a wide flexibility, being adaptable to most of the chemotherapeutic drugs in use, but also to different types of materials (nanoparticles, tracer molecules, etc.). The procedure allows the red blood cells an optimal recovery of the natural conformation, a necessary condition for the reinfusion of the "loaded" cells back to the patient's bloodstream.

The main advantages of the use of the device are: the increase in the stay in circulation time (up to 40 days) of the drug, guaranteed by a prolonged release in time mediated by the red blood cells, the reduction of side effects caused by the procedures of overdose currently used in practice clinic, with a clear saving for the NHS given by the reduction of compensatory health actons related to them.

Currently μEryLō is a working laboratory prototype, able to complete the loading of tracer molecules (representative of a wide range of chemotherapeutic drugs in use) within red blood human cells. The prototype allowed to study and optimize the parameters that rule the drug loading process: the loading has been tested on human red blood cells by 15 donors. The prototype is now ready to be scaled, so as to be able to manage the blood flow suitable for clinical use , with a device that can be produced on an industrial scale.

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