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Waste Treatment

Captive Systems

Captive Systems


Gianni Luca Franzosi

Other members

Sergio Farina, Davide Moscatelli, Luca Magagnin, Ruggiero Pesce

Business Idea

Captive Systems is based on the development and commercialization of an innovative technology for the management, treatment and recovery of industrial waste in order to make the process of waste water competitive and sustainable. The aim is the development of a series of magnetic fluids (consisting of magnetic micro-sponges) for the removal of organic compounds, hydrocarbons, metals and dangerous species from wastewater. The introduction of magnetic fluids for the management of waste water and industrial processes water will favor the re-use of water in the plant to obtain a closed cycle, or to produce water to be used for other applications (e.g. irrigation, cleaning). Furthermore, micro-sponges can be regenerated and there is the possibility of recovering the substances captured to obtain second-generation raw materials, in a circular economy perspective. Within the industrial wastewater treatment market, the technology developed by Captive stands as an economic and easy to apply solution. The same technology can be used for the remediation of gas streams for the removal of VOCs and odorous compounds. The first target market is the treatment of wastewater and gas currents in tank storage factories and refineries. Captive Systems offers a consultancy service aimed at identifying the most suitable product for the customer's needs, as well as an engineering service for the application and integration of the technology within the industrial site. The introduction of this technology in industrial sites does not require high spaces or special equipment. The validation phase will take place over the next 18 months where important worldwide industrial partners already operating Oil & Gas sector will be involved worldwide. The entry into the market will follow, with the increase in production capacity and the achievement of 15% of the Italian market within 5 years will follow. Subsequently there will be an expansion in the EU market.

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