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Stefano Richaud

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Carlo F. Maggi, Davide Actis, Marco Di Vito, Francesco Rosso, Roberto Lecce, Fulvio Caon, Erika Suzzi, Francesco Caputo Nassetti, Giancarlo Gili, Stefano De Alessi, Guido N. Vincenzi

Business Idea

Ecoplasteam has developed an innovative process for the treatment of non-recyclable waste destined to landfill (such as packaging commonly known as tetrapak). From such recycling process in born EcoAllene™, a family of innovative and ecological plastic materials deriving in particular from the recycling of polylaminate waste and by-products, that are composed of a plastic film and a metal film (generally aluminium): beverage cartons, liquid food packaging, oil-based bags, packaging of sweets, non-composted capsules for hot drinks, etc. The patent on which the technology is based is the result of an experiment that ended with the construction of an industrial plant, fed by the by-products originated by the paper mills (after the recovering of cellulose), which allowed an industrial production destined for different industrial sectors. The innovation of the process lies in the treatment of waste, which takes place without proceeding to the separation of the two film (plastic and metallic) but to their union in a only one new material. This process reduces the costs of recycling allowing an important competitiveness of the finished products in the marketing phase, compared to the directly competing material, virgin (oil based) plastic. The EcoAllene™, in addition to cost competitiveness, offers further advantages: i) it is characterized by constant repeatability, as it derives from a material with constant availability; ii) it is colorable, with a consequent increase in potential applications in different markets. In fact, Ecoplasteam is aimed at brands that produce plastic objects of various kinds. Currently the uses include the stationery sector, plastic containers, household and gardening items, toys, flooring and sheets. The marketing strategy will be developed in the B2B direction, Ecoplasteam is a partner and supplier of granules in EcoAllene™ for large industrial groups that use different types of moulding technologies: injection, blow moulding, expanded rotational and extrusion. The project involves the construction of several plants globally (up to 50 in Europe) for the production of EcoAllene™, with a growth based on the concepts of circular economy and respect for the environment.

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