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Mechanics & Mechatronics




Davide Labolani

Other members

Michele Olivieri, Jacopo Lottero, Tomaso Manca

Business Idea

HIRO Robotics developed a new smart vision guidance system for robotics arms named HIRO VS4, designed to improve the robot accuracy, increasing flexible productivity and improving the quality of the result. HIRO VS4 mimics the way humans see and interact with objects. The system exploits a continuous feedback control by acquiring a video stream through the entire task duration and by sending high frequency commands to the robot. This allows for changing the robot trajectory multiple times per second to make the robot more precise and reactive.
HIRO VS4 also integrates the adaptive visual control technology with machine learning algorithms to make the robot learn from its past performed trajectories, leading to improved effectiveness and robustness over time. Finally, HIRO VS4 is also aligned with the modern industry 4.0 trends of cloud computing and Internet of Things: when provided with an internet connection, operational data can be uploaded to a cloud server to enable system monitoring, data analytics and the model training required by the machine learning algorithms.

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