Reference area

North Central


Renewable Energies




Luigi Stancati

Other members

Massimo Muzzi, Gianni Falchetti, Christian Falchetti, Alessandro Sartarelli, Giuseppe Di Giovambattista, Marco Stancati, Tiziana Trasciatti

Business Idea

SOLERZIA SRL is an innovative startup, created to offer technological and multi-functional solutions projected towards the future, aimed at the smart city and green energy markets.
The vision is to create a network of active structures, of aesthetic impact, eco-sustainable and functional, that interact with everything that surrounds them, acquiring data and conveying services in a capillary, innovative and efficient way.
Totem is the first Solerzia ready to market product: a vertical multifunction photovoltaic structure, conceived as an evolution and enhancement of today's structures, mainly used for lighting and telecommunications. Intelligent and adaptive, designed to be the reference point for the design of smart cities and smart grids, destined to evolve and interact with the surrounding environment in a constant exchange of energy, services and information flows: it is a catalyst for the city of future, without further soil consumption.
The creation of a Totem mesh network, managed on an online platform for all services and integrated sensors, represents a unique and innovative way of management, as well as a junction element for the interconnection of homes, buildings, infrastructures and people, becoming the final evolution of the SMART CITY concept.
The possibility of benefiting from self-produced energy, in hybrid and on/off grid installation methods, and to integrate a wide range of devices (eg ledwall advertising-EV charging-video surveillance-wifi-telecommunications-digital signage-fiber optic junction box etc...), generates both savings and revenue for the customer / manager, transforming what is now a fixed cost, into an active element both towards citizens and administrations, and towards a larger technological ecosystem.

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