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Marco Malvestiti

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Paolo Gresele, Giacomo Rimatori, Luigi De Marco,Zaverio Ruggeri

Business Idea

The cell therapies are the new frontier of medicine. In this scenario, despite of having a great potential, the blood platelets have not clinically been exploited yet.Plasfer, unique in the world, have developed a complex method for the loading of platelets with drugs. The Plasfer method is fast, scalable, and automated.The company is now working on the clinical use of platelet concentrates intravenously infused in the patient for the treatment of advanced solid tumors, such as Glioblastoma an aggressive brain cancer.Moreover, the company is developing other programs: in the vaccine therapy using the platelets as antigen-presenting cells and in aesthetic/regenerative medicine where the platelets are already used.The Plasfer method is patented in Italy in 2014 .At the moment, Plasfer has three academic partnerships: University of Perugia, Centro Oncologico CRO FVG di Aviano (PN), and Amsterdam University Medical Center.

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