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Salvatore Pinto

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Rodolfo Pinto, Gianni Vittorio Armani, Riccardo Goggi, Matteo Mazzotta, Ilaria Pucher, Matteo Fedeli, Anna Chiara Coico, Fang Niu

Business Idea

Green Energy Storage started up with the development of a new kind of flow battery, whose technology had been patented by Harvard. After developing a first pre-commercial series of redox flow batteries with qualities like high safety, high performance and reduced environmental impact, GES started a new endeavor that made GES a cutting-edge knowledge center in the energy storage sector. GES is now working on the development of further green and low cost solutions to challenge the storage market.GES has chosen to enhance its knowledge assets by strengthening its research and development activities to create highly competitive solutions for the global market that will be capable of effectively address the problem of climate change.This approach leads the company to achieve continuous innovations and patentable assets both for the overall storage system and for its individual components. In this scenario is framed the actuation of the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) in the field of batteries  that GES joined. The company is now waiting for the EU approval of such a big project, that will identify highly innovative companies capable of decisively contributing to the technological advancement of the European Union in the battery value chain.GES scientific partnerships include: Fondazione Bruno Kessler, DIFFER, Harvard University, ICL.Other commercial partners involved in joint projects are: Sorgenia, Enea, Engineering, ENEL, Manica, Schmalz, Solvay, CESI.

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