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Bellerofast (by Delphinus Biotech)

Bellerofast (by Delphinus Biotech)


Marco Cappellaro

Other members

Dr. Alessandro Paparella, Dr. Enrico Fiore

Business Idea

"Delphinus Biotech, in collaboration with the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, after 3 years of research, has patented Bellerofast, a new protein indicated to isolate and kill viruses, bacteria and fungi that come into contact with it. The molecule aims to be considered a "super disinfectant"; in fact, it has the characteristic of remaining active on the surfaces for several days instead of a few hours, as happens with current disinfectants based on alcohol or chlorine on the market. The 100% organic molecule is suitable for use on all surfaces, from intensive care units to large shopping centers, airplanes, ships, airports, stations, schools, private homes. For the synthesis of the molecule the start-up starts from two vegetable proteins. The innovation allows to obtain a continuous protective barrier, allowing to reduce the number of necessary sanitizing treatments and promises to revolutionize the disinfectants market, creating a new product category called "biological trap".Bellerofast is synthesized thanks to the genetic engineering technique CRISP-R CAS9, developed at Stanford University, which allows to create genetic constructs programmed to carry out actions with efficacy and precision.

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