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Carmine Iodice

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Domenico Pascarella, Armando Cipriani, Valerio Chiacchio

Business Idea

Food delivery in small towns is still an unexplored market. Alfonsino has created a simple and smart model to manage this market share.
The solution uses an integrated chatbot on Alfonsino's Facebook page. The customer, after a short conversation on Facebook Messenger, orders the product. The restaurant receives the order on a tablet provided by the company, prepares the dish and a rider takes care of the delivery. Payment can be made by credit card or in cash on delivery.
Alfonsino was born in 2016. In 2017 was in 3 cities: Caserta, Aversa and Portici. In November 2019 it has 150 thousand active users, is present in 159 municipalities in central-southern Italy, has managed more than 160,000 deliveries, with a total value of €4.1 million, and can count on a network of more than 400 restaurants and 300 riders.
Alfonsino's IT infrastructure is 100% owned by the company. The expansion plan envisages the opening of 24 new centers (urban agglomerations), focusing on the cities of central-southern Italy and also in some areas of the north (such as Piemonte). The expansion method will be wildfire, going to preside over the main inhabited center first, then the neighboring ones.The company has signed a partnership with Burger King for the supply of delivery service in small towns.

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