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Ivan Aloisio

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Francesca Gresia, Tiziana Caponio

Business Idea

Fortunale s.r.l. Benefit was born as a spin-off of Majra Moda Maglierie, an Italian clothing company with over thirty years of experience in knitwear.  A circular economy project that wants to spread a new way of making fashion, an innovative slow fashion that is attentive to the environment, nature and health of the consumer. Fortunale produces sweaters of pure organic wool, coming from cruelty-free farms, and made with natural dyes derived from flowers, plants and berries that give each garment unique nuances through an innovative coloring process free of any chemical product. An attention to nature that is also complete in a plastic free packaging composed of a container box that can be reused as a holder-object and a tag that turns into a headset holder.For every sweater delivered, Fortunale s.r.l. Benefit plants a pomegranate in a land confiscated from the Mafia in Valenzano in collaboration with the Semi di Vita Social Agricultural Cooperative, committed to supporting young people in difficulty.  The garments are made in Italy according to modern textile technologies and thanks to the most experienced tailors to create a true Made in Italy garment. The sweaters, free of any chemical element, can be recycled and the company accepts the delivery of the old garment offering a discount on the new purchase.The customer can buy through the company's e-commerce and the go-to-market strategy provides for the expansion of sales channels with presence in selected physical stores and market places dedicated to sustainable textiles.  Currently the sweaters are present in several marketplaces. In Italy Eligo, Stay, Whataeco, Vi presento Italia, The Paac; abroad Slow Cartel, Musa, Avocado store, LDC.  Currently the company has processed a total of about 500 orders, of which 30% from Italy, 30% from Europe, 40% from the rest of the world, especially the USA.

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