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Mixcycling Srl

Mixcycling Srl


Gianni Tagliapietra

Other members

Amerigo Tagliapietra, Daniele Contin, Cristian Tittoto, Sofia Lanfranconi

Business Idea

Mixcycling, a spin-off of an industrial group with a 50-year history in making closures for the spirits & wine sector, develops sustainable materials by exploiting the properties of organic fibers derived from production scraps and fusing them with bio-based, recycled or virgin polymers. The objective is to reduce the environmental impact linked to an excessive consumption of traditional fossil-based plastic. Mixcycling offers the market an alternative solution based on the use of scraps, by recovering organic residues derived from agro-industrial processes. The process develops in 5 steps: 1) selection of the organic scrap fibers (by-products); 2) grinding of the fibers with a mill and production of powders/grains of various granulometry; 3) sanitisation and activation of the fibers through NTP (Non-Thermal Plasma) technology, which allows to sanitise the fiber from microbial agents and to enhance adhesion between the fibers and the "carrier" polymer; 4) the fibers are dosed in varying percentages alongside a conventional, biobased and/or biodegradable thermoplastic polymer, then conveyed through a twin-screw compounding extruder. In this phase, the fiber is chemically bound to the thermoplastic polymer; 5) the pellet exits the extruder and goes through another sanitisation process using NTP Technology in order to eliminate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Mixcycling uses low-cost biomass (rice husks, wood, miscanthus, grape marc, etc.) combined with polymers which, depending on final application, can be recycled, bio-based, biodegradable, biodegradable and compostable, or virgin. The startup therefore completes the development phase with proprietary low-cost biopolymers. At present Mixcycling has produced over 100 functional formulations. The startup has signed a series of strategic partnerships with Jonix Srl, Crossing Srl, Ono Exponential Farming Srl , Plantea Renewables and Material ConneXion.

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