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Alessandra Farris

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Giorgia Ambu, Antonio Pinese, Filippo Lorenzi

Business Idea

IntendiMe is a startup born during the second edition of the ContaminationLab program (University of Cagliari), aiming at improving the lives of Deaf and Hard of hearing people through technology, in order to make them more free, independent and safe. IntendiMe has developed and patented a system - KitMe - able to detect, through universal sound vibration sensors, sounds and vibrations inside the home (or in similar places such as offices and hotels) and transmit the notice in real time directly on the user's wrist thanks to a smartwatch receiver that vibrates, lights up and indicates the detected sound source on the display - all this supported by a special app for device management. The sensors can be applied directly to the source of sound or vibration you want to detect: when they sound or vibrate, the sensor transmits a notification to the smartwatch via radio frequency. The sensor can also act as a pager; the smartwatch can also receive notifications from other connected IntendiMe smartwatches that have been previously associated with the same IntendiMe account or using the "ContactMe '' functionality. The service includes a dedicated customer service with deaf and hearing operators available in chat/videochat and Sign Language. The solution is secured by an international patent. The startup has signed several strategic partnerships, including the ones with Daos Group for the development of hardware and software, Design Group Italia for the design of the application user interface, Longwave Studio for the creation of the mobile app, Terenzi Group for the industrialization of the solution, and Praxidia for the implementation of the customer center service. And it can count on solid financial partners such as Vertis Sgr and The Net Value. The go-to-market strategy foresees the launch of a Hardware as a Service offer on the Italian market this fall through a dedicated e-commerce. The offer will require an activation cost plus a subscription fee. IntendiMe, embodying a very strong social soul, is much more than a profit company. This is why the non-profit AscoltaMe Association was founded: its goal is to make deafness broadly known, with all its facets, by talking about this world and by letting the deaf people talk about themselves. 

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