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Orto di Jack

Orto di Jack


Alessandro Della Nina    

Other members

Giuseppe Carciati, Giacomo Messina, Arturo Casale, Andrea Cadegiani

Business Idea

L'Orto di Jack is a startup active in the Italian fruit and vegetable distribution market. The company's core business is the digitization of the fruit and vegetable procurement process supported by advanced logistics in the Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café (HoReCa) channel. At the same time, the startup has developed a retail channel, both online and physical, for the sale of high-quality fruit and vegetable products and processed foods and to support both B2B and B2C last mile logistics. The procurement processes of fruit and vegetables in the catering sector are very backward and restaurateurs have difficulties in gaining full control and visibility of the entire process. The most commonly encountered problems are: 1) poor visibility on prices, which are known precisely only at the time of delivery, because of a strong product variability, 2) absence of reporting, caused by an organic backwardness of the entire supply chain, often managed by non-digitized family businesses 3) need for buyers to manually aggregate orders, resulting in extremely simplified paper-based accounting and administrative management 4) manual logistics subject to errors and inefficiencies. L'Orto di Jack offers a fully integrated digital solution for the control of the entire value chain, which assists the HoReCa sector in a smart and direct way in the purchase and supply of fruit and vegetables. The platform is equipped with a dynamic pricing system, to automatically adapt prices to the commercial conditions of the supply chain, and an algorithm to offer customized discount plans on defined parameters such as the number of seats or the type of restaurant. All supported by a platform to manage orders completely digitally, with a dashboard for monitoring margins. L'Orto di Jack service is currently active in the cities of Milan, Bergamo, Turin, Verona and Brescia.

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